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House Cleaning Service

Professional Cleaning Services House Cleaning Service

house clearning serviceKeeping the house clean and organized is not an easy task when you come across the difficulty of finding dedicated and punctual professionals. We guarantee the quality of the house cleaning service provided, as it has a select team of specialists in residential and corporate cleaning. For the maintenance service, a professional is sent that cleaning the environment with dedication and professionalism.

Cleaning services consist of leaving environments clean and well maintained, providing a healthy condition for coexistence.

Our cleaning services guarantee some of the advantages that are essential for our clients, which are the quality of service, punctuality, trained professionals, credibility, personalized service, and competitive prices. Our professionals admitted to the cleaning and conservation services receive internal training, where techniques are given for the use, application, and handling of various types of cleaning materials and equipment. To provide services in addition to conventional equipment and utensils, we use the most modern and available in the market, aiming at the total quality.

The high level of satisfaction of our clients is a result of our experience with staff selection, providing the necessary training for the proper performance of activities, using the most technologically advanced products and equipment and monitoring the performance of the services on a daily basis.

We are here to make your life easier

Our house is our sanctuary, where after a full day at the service or at school, we just want to get in and relax, not worry about housework, like keeping your house clean. Thus, our company offers the most diverse cleaning services to give you comfort, tranquility, and confidence to get home and everything is done, according to your needs and moments. Making your home a more pleasant and clean environment for your rest or to receive visits for a dinner at the weekend, for example.

We value your home and your wellbeing

We always work with a quality service with legal and tax principles that guarantee processes, methods, and systems with standards of excellence. Our employees are trained and prepared to serve our client well and satisfy all requirements and preferences required.

We provide the best solution for customers, giving them the support and flexibility they need, being able to choose the frequency and plans that best suits their needs. Making the home a more inviting and healthy environment for living. All this without worrying about any civil liability or working relationship.

We guarantee the quality of the service provided, as it has a select team of specialists in residential and corporate cleaning. For the maintenance service, a professional is sent that cleaning the environment with dedication and professionalism.

What is our differential?

We hire and train professionals to provide services in different jobs. All employees of the cleaning company undergo a careful investigation process before being hired. We are a cleaning company that provides greater organization and hygiene for the environments, at a reduced cost.

Our services

The cleaning services offered to better serve you are:

  • Residential Cleaning: professionals trained and qualified to keep your wellbeing in your home.
  • Commercial Cleaning: your commercial property is clean and organized to serve your customers.
  • Deeper Cleaning: cleaning of the house, cleaning of toilets and stowage of rooms.
  • Seasonal Rental Cleaning: punctual cleaning it’s done once for some specific purpose.
  • Home Cleaning: clean kitchen, freshly vacuumed floors and well-kept bathrooms give us all a wonderful feeling.
  • Construction & Remodeling Cleaning: cleaning made so your property stays clean and organized after a renovation.
  • Move In / Move Out Cleaning: we leave your home clean and nice before or after your move.
  • One-Time Cleaning: don’t worry about cleaning the place chosen for your event.

All services quoted are offered with full quality assurance.

What’s Included In My Cleaning Service Plan?

In the cleaning service is included:

floor cleaning (wet rags with disinfectants or others recommended),

vacuuming carpets, sofas, and mattresses,

removing dust from furniture and utensils,

cleaning of toilets,

cleaning of kitchen,

cleaning of rooms, storage and

Organization of clothes closets,

cleaning of internal and external windows,

cleaning of curtains to maintain the hygiene

and organization of the home.


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Gutter leaning and leaf guard install l m satisfied with the job


5 5 1
These ladies did an absolutely amazing job on my house! I've never been more pleased with a cleaning service. They arrived on time, did a fantastic job cleaning including under things and nooks and crannies- and didn't break anything! We'll have them back again and again- in fact, we already scheduled our next one Ver Menos


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Recemendo are great Profissional
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