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Professional Cleaning Services Uncategorized How to quickly eliminate the smell of pee on the couch, bed and bathroom

How to quickly eliminate the smell of pee on the couch, bed and bathroom

You know that one sweet moment where your son just urine on the couch in the middle of your favorite tv show? Or in your bed or bathroom out of your sight? So, to solve all this mentioned problems, we’ll teach you a fast and easy way to clean your couch, bed and bathroom from smell of pee. First, forget the ilusion that only dry in the sun is enough to eliminate the smell. Perfume is not a solution either. So, what to do? Will I lose my couch or bed in this war? Nope! To eliminate the smell, just spill some hydrogen peroxide (10 volumes) over the affected area. After the application, you can choose to place the mattress or the couch next to a fan or a window that receives a bit of sunlight. This will help in drying and even a proliferation of fungi. The bad smell will come out once the product has completely dried out. In your bathroom is just to follow this tip, replacing the mattress or couch by the affected area. (which can be the toilet or floor). Plus: if the problem is dog or cat odor, add a little baking soda and apply this solution over the smelly area. Note: Do not pour solution directly onto mattresses or furniture without first testing. Apply a little on an area that is less visible. If it does not stain, feel free to use this tip normally. This is a totally homemade hint to help solve quick problems. We do not discard the consultation of a specialist in the subject, which should always be requested. Don’t forget. A clean house is synonymous not only of cleanliness, but of quality of life. Cherish your family. Always look for the best products and services in the cleaning area. Love is also worrying about it. Do an efficient household cleaning. Protect your family